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    Skytex Primer


      I have a Skytex Primer. It isn't listed in the supported devices list, but my local online library (Toronto Public Library) lists it as supported by ADE. ADE won't recognize my Primer. Is it possible to use the Primer with ADE? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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          If it's not on the list, then it's not supported.  If ADE doesn't recognize

          it, and it's not supported, then it's probable that you're not going to be

          able to use it.



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            If your primer shows adobe reader mobile on start up it should work. Otherwise you need to update the firmware from http://skytex.com/support/primer-ereader-drivers-firmwares. The new version is 1.1.0. I do not work for them, and accept no responsibility for anything going wrong (unlikely). Skytex tech support is free and available from their webpage.

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              Good luck.  Remember that you are relying on Skytex to provide you with

              software that will permit their device to interface with ADE.  If that

              software does not work, you're done.



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                Thanks for your response, burnout135.  I've updated the firmware already (a bit of an ordeal finding a friend with the right version of windows and the knowhow on that system that I lack) and the adobe reader mobile shows up on start up.  Still ADE doesn't recognize the reader.  My mac does, and I can transfer files to it that way.  I've tried all the variations of opening the program before the reader is connected, while it's already connected, and it doesn't seem to make any difference.  I'm using ADE version 1.7.2.  Would it help to try and find a different version somehow? 


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                  Keep in mind that Adobe Reader software and Adobe Digital Editions software

                  are not the same.  And keep in mind that Adobe Reader software does not

                  support the same ebook formats that Digital Editions does.  Reader may

                  work, while Digital Editions does not.


                  The next version of Digital Editions is available on the beta site.  You

                  can check to see whether your ereader is supported or not.  From what I

                  know of the improvements, I think you'll find that this device is still not



                  If Digital Editions does not show the device as a supported device, then,

                  as I said before, it's not assured that it will work with ADE.  You're

                  confirming that this is the case.  So, if I were you, I'd stop beating my

                  head against the wall: all you'll get is a dented skull.



                  Good luck again.