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    Extending the timeline in Photoshop CS6


      In CS6, I cannot find the option to extend the duration of my photoshop document.  I am using Photoshop to make a short hand-drawn animated film.  Currently, the document is 300 frames long, but I would like to extend that to 400 frames.  Can anyone help, please? (I'm working in timeline mode, not frame mode.)


      I could easily change the duration of a document in CS5 by clicking on the little drop-down menu in the top right corner of the animation panel, then going to "Document Settings" where I could change the duration and the frame rate.  When I click the drop-down in CS6, I find the frame rate option, but no duration.


      It seems like this is a simple necessary option, and I hope I'm just missing something very obvious here.


      Thank you for any help you can provide (including alternative workflows.)