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    AVI file only plays sound, NOT video in Premiere CS6 and Element


      I tried getting this to work in Premiere pro cs6 or premiere element but it wouldn't accept this avi video file. When importing the avi file to either application, the file is imported but it shows up as an audio with no video. The video does play just fine in Windows Media Player. The file is archived as an avi file from a lorex dvr system with a codec IMM4. It is encrypted with the date and time which is very important to maintain.


      I have tried the following, but same problem of no video, only sound persists.

      1. Download the latest 32-bit static build of FFmpeg from here: Zeranoe FFmpeg - Builds
      2. Open the archive; you'll probably need 7-Zip since the archive is a .7z file. Extract the ffmpeg.exe file in the archive (it's in the "bin" folder) to the folder containing your AVIs.
      3. Create a text document (Notepad is fine) called "avi2mp4.bat" (no quotes) in the same folder as the AVIs, making sure to change the default TXT extension to BAT.
      4. Paste the following into the BAT file: 
          @ECHO OFF
        for %%a in (*.avi) do ffmpeg -i "%%a" -vcodec copy -acodec copy -f mp4 -y "%%~na".mp4
      5. Once you save the BAT file, double-click it; your AVIs will be rewrapped to MP4s without any conversion. The MP4s will correctly import into Premiere Pro.


      I would appreciate anyones insight on this matter.


      The following is the GSpot report on the file:

      codec IMM4 gspot.jpg