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    Disappearing cursor CS6 mac (InDesign worst)

    noodleJam Level 1

      I'm using a number of CS6 applications on a mac (10.7.4, 2GHz Core i7, 8GB Ram) and am finding that my mouse cursor keeps disappearing.


      I can hover over items and they react, I can select items, I just can't see the cursor unless I click outside the application, it appears again and all is normal.


      It happens randomly and not too often. It would suggest that there is another application that might be interfering but I am now making sure that all other applications are not running when using CS6 (but it recurs).


      I wanted to know if any other user is finding the same issue, I tried to find a general CS6 forum, but couldn't find one and as it's worst in InDesign, I am posting here.


      I am currently using InDesign the most and have found this issue to be reasonably common. However is has happened in Photoshop and Premiere.


      Any advice gratefully received.


      Many thanks.