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    No audio in some of the video clips in my project CS5.5



      I'm in need of some help. I've been working on this project which has been lying on ice for a while. During that while my system disc crashed, but I had the project file and source files backed up to my external HDD. I accually ran the project from the external drive when my system HDD was up and running.


      So the disc crashed, and now I started the project up again. First thing that came up was that the scratch disc was unavailable or locked, so it was set to my documents. I reccon thats the default location when starting a project if non has been set prior to that? In that case my old documents folder was most likley my scratch disc since I'm new to this program and probably did not change the default setting.


      THE ISSUE: Some of the video files in the time line wont play the sound of said video file. Some will. Also, even if I open the source file in a new project it wont play back the sound of the clip. The only thing that works is to move and rename the clip, then I get the sound in premiere pro. Also the original clip has sound in external media players. So this lead me to the conclusion that premiere pro saves the audio file somewhere (in the scratch disc location?) that is now empty since my system crashed and I reinstalled premiere pro?


      Is my theory correct, and is there some way to like point out the original file and make premiere pro disregard any old audio files that it has saved in some other location?


      I hope everything is clear enough, otherwise just ask if you need some other information. I did not attach any hardware specs, because my sound otherwise works fine, even in premiere pro depending on the clip.


      Best regards