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    Feature Request — If a Save to PSD fails because of image size, offer to Save to PSB

    cwcsdc Level 1

      Feature request — If a save to a PSD aborts when the file size grows beyond 2 GB, offer to save the file as a PSB instead of just displaying an error message and quitting.  Better yet, if the image is to big to begin with, make the offer before starting the save operation.  Similarly, if an image is too large to save to TIFF, offer to save it as a PSD or PSB.


      When you’re working on large files, it would be nice not to have to redo a Save as a Save As to PSB after several minutes delay.


      BTW, I tried without success to post this at the feedback site.  Once again, a dialog opened asking for a verification code that would be sent to me by e-mail, which in past attempts has never arrived.