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    Troubles reporting bugs ==


      Hey I have been trying for the last hour and a bit to report an issue I am having with Flash.My issue is, if I use the current version of flash player for firefox, I can't watch youtube videos or any other video streaming services. I have provided these images to show what happens. ==.jpg


      And yes the show is a rediculous one On topic I got this issue last week, how did I fix it? I downgraded to another version of flash, this worked fine for a week, but then I couldn't use Facebook cause I couldn't click anything like the POST button....I could type, and I could refresh the page and scroll, but I couldn't do anything else. I changed back to the new version and what do you know Facebook works, but instantly youtube doesn't.


      So how can I kindly tell Adobe that flash 11.3 something is broken for me and I wish to have it fixed. I have tried fixing it myself multiple times, I have uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared my cache and history, all sorts of things. If anyone can help me that would be appreciated. I tried going to post it in the Adobe Flash forums, but it kept saying "Set screen name" and when I DID it just refreshed the page and asked again. I went into my profile, set a screen name, but it still won't let me post. Thankyou for reading