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    Import multiple files


      I have made plugin based on custom importer, now I can import media files using my custom GUI.

      But now I'm little bit confused, is it possible to import multiple  files using SDK ?

      I mean:

      1. Chose several clips in my GUI.

      2. Click ok and files will be added to project.


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          SteveHoeg Adobe Employee

          You can do this by returning imIterateStreams from getinfo to report multiple clips

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            YFast Level 1

            Thanks for answer Steve.

            But, how can it help me ?

            I have found in docs:



            param1 - imFileAccessRec8 *

            param2 - imFileInfoRec8 *

            Describe a clip, or a single stream of a clip if the clip has multiple streams. Called when a specific

            file is instantiated. Importer checks file validity, optionally allocates file instance data, and de-

            scribes the properties of the file being imported by populating the imFileInfoRec8.




            Return from imGetInfo8 to indicate that there are more streams

            to describe.  Premiere will send imGetInfo8 for the next stream.


            So, as I understand, imIterateStreams  describes just media streams of single file,

            but it has no relation how to specify multiple files during import.


            Now I'm using imGetPrefs8 selector to specify file path.


            Please explain me where I'm wrong.


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              SteveHoeg Adobe Employee

              Can you go into more detail on how your importer works?