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    best NLE for multiuser multi software environment


      I have used PPro and Avid systems for my own projects with success in the past, and I am very familiar with FCP7. Most of the projects were medical multimedia with video footage and animations created with AE and Softimage in the past. I am now working on a MAC with OSX and wish to keep all my work on the OSX side (not Windows 7) and have options of FCPX, PPro CS6, Avid Media Composer 6, and Autodesk Smoke.


      I need to help develop some multimedia in HD for use to create Bluray disks and also for web based video with collaboration from other people at other facilities. I found that other facilities are using a variety of software including various versions of Premiere Pro and Final Cut (mostly not FCPX) and other software. Unfortunately, the media footage has to be shared and is big.


      Roundtripping with AE is a minor concern, but much more important concerns are sharing, EDLs, stability, and standardization of media codecs so that we all can pull up the same media. If this was all done in Hollywood, I would pick an Avid solution, but the requirement of having others use different software makes it more complicated.


      The media is likely to be video footage, not all shot in HD, animations from AE, and probably most of the 3D footage from Maya. What is the most stable software solution for sharing of diverse video in this environment? Thanks.