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    export to tape grayed out


      I am a new user of Premiere Pro CS6 (migrating from Final Cut.) I am trying to Export to Tape with a simple DV clip. When I try to select Export/Tape, the "tape" option is grayed out. In the Sequence Settings, the "playback options" are likewise grayed out. Yes, I do have the specific Sequence highlighted when I try to export to tape.


      The odd thing is: Premiere is having no trouble recognizing my deck and my FireWire connection. I have a Sony DVCAM deck connected by FireWire, and when I simply playback the clip from the timeline, both the video and audio playback fine, which technically means I could just Print to Tape that way, but I would much rather have the specific control of doing it through Device Control so I could record to the deck in a more accurate way.


      I am running the program on a Mac Pro.


      I couldn't find the answer to this in the online help or in this Forum so far, so I appreciate any advice. Thank you.

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          lakeivan Level 1

          OK, I figured out how to solve this, and I will explain, for any other brand new Premiere users who are confused by this. I simply had to open the "Capture" window for the first time, and choose which device would be enabled. This allows me to export to tape.

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            shooternz Level 6

            Probably the Device Control Preference would have got you there as well.

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              lakeivan Level 1

              Well, actually, I already had my deck selected in the Device Control Preferences, and that was not enough by itself. (It might be why I was able to playback direct from the Timeline, however.) I had to actually open the Capture window and choose my deck there, as well, before I could choose "Export to Tape."

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                Hi lakeivan,


                What DVCAM deck are you using?  Is your device control RS-422 or firewire?  On the Mac, can you successfully assemble edit to tape using PP CS6? Specifically, if you use the "Assemble at timecode" option in the Export to Tape dialog, does PP CS6 actually play the timeline once the deck starts recording in assemble mode?


                This function seems to be broken in the CS6 Windows code and I'm wondering if it's the same in the Mac version.



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                  lakeivan Level 1

                  Hi Paul,


                  My deck is a DSR-30 and I control it with FireWire. I'm sorry to say that for my work, I don't ever particularly need the "Assemble at Timecode" function, so I've never tried to do it, and I can't answer your question. But, now that I solved my basic export problem, at least capturing starting from a specific frame works great.