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    How can I disable the loading of the Warp Stalibizer and Auto Color Plugins?


      I'm having trouble with a project of mine.


      My main project file refuses to load because Warp Stabilizer and Auto Color crash when invoked.


      I believed it was a file IO problem, but when I removed the external drive where the footage was, it gave me the same errors.


      So I'm hoping that disabling the plugin loadin at AFX startup will restore my ability to load the file and retrieve my comps.


      the exact error messages are:

      'After Effects error: crash while invoking effects plu-gin "Warp Stabilizer".'


      'After Effects error: crash while invoking effects plu-gin "Auto Color".'


      'After Effects error: Crash in progress.Last logged message was <5540> <StateBinaryConverter> <5> solveCompleteB = 1'


      Then it offers me to save a file and the resulting file has 0 KB...


      Anyone can help me with this?


      thx in advance