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    New Computer Help

    Zanzaben Level 1

      I have been reading through these forums for the past couple of weeks and I just want to first say thanks to all the people that post here, it has really helped in me getting to this planned build I have now .


      I primarily use Premire and After Effects so this PC needs to be good at both of them. I currently have CS 5.5 but I intend to get CS 6 as soon as my college offers it. I work mostly with footage I get from the program FRAPS to make music videos. I don't know exactly what kind of codec FRAPS files are so I have no idea if what I have built is way too powerful or not enough, I do know that the files are .avi, have a 1920 X 1080 resolution, and are pretty much completely uncompressed (They are roughly 1GB/min). If anyone here knows more about FRAPS then that would be great. Since I make music videos I end up using lots of very shot clips and many different layers at a time. My budget for this entire project is around 3 - 4 grand.


      My current planned build is this

      Mobo: Asus P9x79 WS

      CPU: i7-3930K

      GPU: GTX 670, 4GB, EVGA SC

      RAM: 2 sets of Ripjaws Z series 32 (4x8GB) 240-pin DDR3 1600

      PSU: Corsair Gold AX1200

      Hard disks: 1 Intel 520 120GB ssd SATA III, 3 Seagate Barracuda 3TB SATA III, 2 Seagate Barracuda 1TB SATA III, and a 2TB external which I might make internal.

      Raid Card: ???? (help)

      Case: CoolMaster Cosmos II

      Cooling: Corsair H100


      This whole setup costs just under $3500 at the moment and I already have any other peripherals or software. I do plan to be over clocking.  Most of the questions I still have are mainly is this necessary/appropriate type and by that I mean will I notice a difference because I know that adobe can use everything I throw at it. First off, is the 4GB GTX needed or will the 2GB do, also is 64GB ram overkill and does it work with everything else.


      Disk Setup

      This has been by far the most confusing aspect of this build for me and after reading harm's Generic Disk Setup this is what I came up with.
      Use the SSD as the boot drive and have Adobe on it

      Have the 3  Barracuda 3TB in raid 5 and put media and projects there.

      Have the 2  Barracuda 1TB in raid 0 for the Pagefile and Media cache.

      Take apart my 2TB external and make it internal using my Mobo's built-in SSD cache to store the Previews and Exports.

      The external drive is something I already have and figured why not use it as well, everything else is still just planned and not final in any way and I am completely open for any kind of suggestions at all. You will also note my lack of a Raid Card which I know I need but I cannot figure out what I need out of one or how to compare them to each other so any advice on what Raid Card to get would be super helpful.


      Any other comments or suggestions are more than welcome


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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >don't know exactly what kind of codec FRAPS files are


          Some past messages that may help... some may not be specific to PPro




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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            First of all, this looks pretty good. However, raid5 using an on-board controller is lousy and the mobo does not have sufficient SATA3 connections to make that work, so you are delegated to using SATA2 ports.


            I'm not familiar with Fraps, apart that is mostly used by gamers to record screen play and often in combination with Matroska. Well, Matroska does not work with PR, so if that is the case, you need to convert first before you can edit. But when you say a data rate of around 1 GB/min that will require a lot of memory and a serious disk setup. So, from that point of view 64 GB Ram is not overkill, but your disk setup may need some work.


            I would suggest a good raid controller, either Areca ARC-1882 or LSI and at least one or more additional Barracuda 3 TB disks. You won't need the storage space, but the additional disks in the same array will make the volume much faster and you can use the SATA3 connections on the controller in combination with the 64 MB cache on each drive very well.


            Last, make sure that when you setup your system, you only use the boot disk, Intel 520, for reading and not for writing. So put your page file on another volume, set the Windows environment variables to point to another volume and do not let Adobe use your C: drive. If you do not do that, then you better get a Corsair Performance Pro SSD, that is faster and shows less performance degradation in the stable state.

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              Zanzaben Level 1

              Thanks for the reply, I have a few questions and comments. In regards to Fraps I have never had any trouble using it with PR or AE, I have been using the sequence preset AVC-I 100 1080p24. I asked mainly because I was curious where it ranked on the chart from your What PC to build thread. Also the data rate isn't 1GB/min that was the file size. When I open the properties window it says the data rate is 590,552kbps and the total bitrate is 597,196kbps.


              In regards to the raid controller I completly agree that I need one but when you say the ARC-1882 there are around 20 of them ranging from $650 to $1,500 so can I just get the 1882I or do I need to get one of the much more expensive ones like the 1882IX-12-4GNC. Also in regards to the number of disks would you say it is better to get 4 or 5 1TB instead of the 3 3TB just because those are cheaper per drive, and if I end up with 7 or 8 1TB drives would it be best to just have all of those together and then use the SSD and the 2TB as my other 2 drives or to split the 1TB's into 2 seperate drives, to have 4 total and what level of raid would I wan't to be using for either of those.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                AVC-I is an easy codec, it is the same as the Panny P2 uses in the 250/255 and higher. The data rate is even very low in comparison to those cameras, so the quality has been compromised.


                The much more expensive iX-12-4G model has 12 ports and 4 GB cache memory. The more affordable 8 ports model has a fixed cache of 1 GB. I think that the 8 port model is quite enough for your purposes. Instead of 3 x 3TB drives, you can better have 6 x 1TB in a raid3/5/6/ array because it will be much faster and you don't need all the storage space. It will be about equally expensive.


                Two places to have a look at: Adobe Forums: Raid Performance and Rebuild Issues and Adobe Forums: Planning / building a new system. Part 1

                In the second article move over to the Disks, PSU tab and expand the Disks (Ouch...) section.

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                  Zanzaben Level 1

                  ok so I will definitely get the ARC-1882I as well as the Corsair Perfromance Pro SSD since that is about the same price and seems better. I will also most likely just end up getting 8 1TB drives and have the following setup

                  (SSD) C: OS, Programs

                  (6 1TB Raid 3) D: Media, Projects

                  (2 1TB Raid 0) E: Pagefile, Media Cache

                  (1 2TB + MoBo's SSD cache) F: Preview Exports.


                  However depending on what kind of deal I can get on the hard disks I might only be able to get 6 of them in which case I would use this set up

                  (SSD) C: OS, Programs

                  (6 1TB Raid 3) D: Media, Projects, Pagefile

                  (1 2TB + MoBo's SSD cache) E: Preview, Media Cache, Exports.


                  Do you think that both of those setups are well done?

                  Thanks for everything so far.

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    Yes. It looks very good.

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                      Zanzaben Level 1

                      So after going through some more things a few more questions have come up.

                      First in regards to the disk setup I missunderstood my MoBo's built in ssd think that it came with an ssd to use, it does not, so that drive will only be a normal 6GB/s connection because of this do you think it would be best to move the previews to the E: drive similar to how you are seting up your machine. Also when I eventually do go a buy a ssd for it do I have to get one of the really nice ones like the Corsair Perfromance Pro or can I get a cheaper one without fear of it just blowing up since it is only being used as a cache.

                      Second for the PSU do you think that the OCZ ZX 1250W will do fine for me instead of the Corsair, The main diffrence I can see between them is that the OCZ only has 12 sata power connectors but that is still plenty for me right?

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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        OCZ has lost its immaculate reputation with the Vertex, and other SSD's, so I'm a bit wary with their other products. Corsair OTOH has done a fabulous job according to reviews, even when new to several disciplines like SSD's, PSU's and cases. Mind you, the difference between 1200 W and 1250 W is very small. I don't know where they got the basic components from. If it is Seasonic, you are OK, but if it is a third rate supplier, you may be better of with Corsair.


                        A good alternative to the pricey Performance Pro can be the much more affordable Samsung 830 SSD.