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    My REPORT QUEUE folder has 4.0 GB of data do I need it?

    welchphoto Level 1

      I just found this because Carbonite wants to back it up. There are three sub folders:

      AppCrash_Adobe Premiere P_ed31ac28edcc8f7b357ac7f6b1f784b049634828_cab_37c5c791

      AppHang_Adobe Premiere P_71e6f51e36e5b0b21fa463e17d836578503736_cab_2088a1a3

      AppHang_Adobe Premiere P_b2b573def579546c637257fde52b3a41bfc7d532_cab_227f601a


      And they all have files that all start with WER........


      Can I dump them all they are taking up 4 gigs.