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    Program Monitor is Black, no video playback after installing new graphics card


      I bought a PNY Nvidia Quadro 2000 graphics card a few days ago, and since it's been installed, I've been unable to watch video playback in my program, source or even reference monitor.


      Similarly, If I designate one of my monitors soley for video playback, the screen is just black, and as the timecode advances on my timeline I only hear sound.


      My project is using "Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration" for Premiere Pro CS6.0.1


      I went from using one graphics card to using two graphics cards, and installed a third monitor. I've spent the last few days trying everything I could think of, I even uninstalled and re-installed premiere.


      Hardware Specs:

      Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit)

      HP Pavilion h8-1230z

      AMD-FX8150 3.59Ghz 8 core processesor

      16GB RAM

      600W PS

      EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 550Ti

      PNY Nvidia Quadro 2000


      I am using a PCI x16 for the Quadro 2000

      I am using a PCI x1 slot w/x1-x16 adapter for the 550Ti

      Could this be the problem?


      Additional Information

      Vectorscope, All scopes, YC Waveform - Display modes all work.

      I downloaded the most recent Nvidia drivers for both of my cards.

      I haven't received any error messages or had any problems in After Effects CS6, as video playback is working properly in my other adobe applications.