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    the new logic keyboard for CS6

    shooternz Level 6

      Disclosure - Apart from as a "user", I am not involved with this product , company or resellers


      For those interested ...the new logic keyboard for CS6 is now available. (Mac and Windows)




      I have always been a fan of these.  Well built , solid and workflow helpful.


      This new cool slimline design is awesome as well.


      I would not have changed from my CS4-5 logic keyboard  except I am so pleased with new timeline trim functions and keyboard shortcuts in CS6 that I was compelled to upgrade to the new keyboard.


      I am even now...progressively re customising my keyboard preferences more in favour of the Default CS6 ones where as initially I was customising my CS5 based set up to work with CS6.


      Well done Adobe. 


      Changes to "Trimming in the sequence" has been my main highlight in CS6.


      Hover Scrub is another valued but lesser highlight.


      Speedgrade ...I am waiting to get excited there!