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    New columns in ADG


      When I update the dataProvider on my AdvancedDataGrid, it updates the data properly, but it does not update the columns - it attempts to force the new data into the old columns. (The columns are completely different.) This is a report-builder app, I don't wish to have entirely new ADGs for every single report. How can I cause the AdvancedDataGrid to update its column list from the dataProvider? (Yes, the dataProvider is bindable.)

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          fedsol Level 1

          Am I seriously the only person that's ever tried to do this?

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            Zolotoj Level 3

            I think a fact that your dataProvider is bindable does not mean adding/removing columns on the fly. You have to provide definition of your columns somehow. Columns are an array, did you try to add another element (column) to it a the run time?

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              fedsol Level 1

              Handing a new array of AdvancedDataGridColumns to .columns does not appear to do anything at all. Nor does changing .columnCount or .columnWidth, or the individual widths of the columns. I have tried .validateNow(), .validateDisplayList(), .validateProperties(), .invalidateList() and .invalidateDisplayList() as well to no discernible effect.


              It cannot really be this difficult just to change the columns!