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    Best settings in Raytrace for glass effect?

    nullsebasvideo Level 1

      I was wondering what are the best possible settings for the materials in a 3D text layer to make the letters look like glass, under the Raytrace renderer. I managed to achieve a rather decent metallic look with the aid of 3 lights, but the glass effect seems more difficult. For starters, I would like the letters to look like glass but not show so much detail of the other side of the letters, which depending on the angle makes it look like a double layer instead of extruded text. Turning down the Transparency percentage helps with this, but it makes the text look more like metal than glass.


      I've been trying different things all day and I got a bit closer, but nowhere near something that looks real. Here are the settings I'm using:


      Bevel Depth: 3 (the larger the number, the more the text gets fat. It doesn't work like the bevel style in Photoshop.

      Hole Bevel depth: 50

      Extrusion depth: 30 (text size is 300px)


      Casts shadows: On

      Light transmission: 0%

      Accepts shadows: On

      Accepts lights: On

      Ambient: 100%

      Diffuse: 50%

      Specular intensity: 50%

      Specular shininess: 5%

      Metal: 0%

      Reflection intensity: 80%

      Reflection sharpness: 50%

      Reflection rolloff: 0%


      Transparency rolloff: 0%

      Index of refraction: 1.00


      Any suggestions?