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    Premiere Pro CS6 and MXF Compatibility.

    Brad12d3 Level 1

      We have recently had a problem with audio dropping out during export using Premiere Pro CS6. This particular project file used a combination of footage from a Canon XH-A1 and a Canon XF305. It was created in CS5 (Not CS5.5) and was recently converted to a CS6 Project file. When we would export the sequence the video would have missing audio in several places.


      We think it may be a compatibility issue with the MXF conatiner used by the XF305. I have seen other people mention issues they have encountered using a similar set up. Is this something that may be a an issue for us if we move forward using CS6 and the XF305 on all of our projects?


      The problem was resolved by taking all the footage offline in CS6, deleting the render files, moving the cache folder and bringing everything back online.


      We just want to make sure that everything is compatible like it should be and if not what kind of patches we could expect in the future? It would be preferable not to have to transcode our footage prior to importing into Premiere Pro.