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    Flash Alternatives


      I have designed many complete websites in Flash MX since 2002. With many mobile devices now refusing to integrate the Flash Player are there alternative programmes available that use a GUI to create movies similar to Flash?

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          Amy Blankenship Level 4

          I think this is the closest so far http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/edge/

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            tonydickins Level 1

            Thank you Amy


            I have booted machine back to Windows7, (appaling os) and downloaded the Edge.

            A lot to learn it seems but will have a go. Thank you.

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              sinious Most Valuable Participant

              Relying on a tool such as that to do everything you want will certainly leave you in a box. Very much like the first prominent years of flash made most flash sites excessively alike or the first years of photoshop made it virtually filters gone wild (bevel, dropshadow), there is no replacement for learning the language.


              Put simply, this application in a hands of an avid HTML5/CSS3/JS developer will be wildly more successful than someone who relies solely on it. I would suggest you learn as much of the easiest 2, HTML5 and CSS3, while using the tool. Learn as much JS as possible if you can but you'll be much more avid if you can customize what otherwise will put you squarely in a box and "looking like everyone else" if you don't.

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                tonydickins Level 1

                Thank you Sinious,


                In a box, ha ha. I used to write code in BBC Basic back in the early 1980's and my graphic abilities with flash have kept me in demand with clients even though I should have retired years ago. So, I I'm nearly in a box but I try to think outside it, while making sure I don't bump my head! 


                I do use fireworks and DW plus many photo apps. I have been learning html5 from books but am more comfortable with a simple GUI. The recent versions of most software get more complex than is really necessary, I think. 


                I have spent an hour or so with the tutorial demos on Adobe Edge and they work if you follow word by word. However, it seems that any logic behind the procedure is not explained. I will press on with it. My concern is that when the trial is over in August there is no guarantee that the software will be available for continuity or at a price that doesn't require taking out a mortgage on your soul. I still have both arms and legs :-)


                Thank you

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                  sinious Most Valuable Participant

                  I did BasicA and QBasic back on TRS-80s and Tandy CC3s back when if you wanted to use a program you needed to open 3000 page book and type the program in to use it . I've had many a day spent in DOS..


                  The box is just analogous to not getting caught unnecessarily in limiting your potential to presets. While it's not worthwhile to create your own multimedia engine similar to Flash to create animations, there really is nothing Edge is doing that can't be done by hand with HTML5/CSS3/JS. The engine is already in the mobile browser.


                  I'm not saying it won't increase the speed and ease at which you may produce some things but it's the type of application that you may find that you spend the most time just trying to get what you want done via what it can do.


                  Anyone that can tolerate a proceedural language with spaghetti "goto" code won't find JavaScript and the DOM that much of a challenge . Advanced trig and sprite animations on the canvas? Well, it'll help there..