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    questions about the uses of flash cs6 and the code that it exports VS. moving on to other tools

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      i've watched the overviews about the new version of flash and i've been experimenting a bit with adobe edge and muse. i also heard the announcement on friday that android 4.1 devices will no longer be running the flash player. my questions are:


      1. does flash cs6 basically fuction the same design-wise, but when it comes time to export the file, is the code a combination of html and javascript rather than within a solid swf file as it's been currently publishing my work as?


      2. is edge meant to compliment flash? or will it be taking over some of flash's uses so that edge can publish for mobile devices and flash will remain in the realm of desktop applications?


      3. if i've been creating full-flash websites in older versions of flash, can i import them into cs6 and have them exported as functional across all devices?


      i guess overall i'm just trying to get the big picture here so that i can decide how to move forward and what to focus on.



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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          1. Yes. The Toolkit for CreateJS is an extra downloadable extension for Flash CS6. It will publish html and js files that will provide the animation instead of the swf that you would normally publish. The success or failure of the resulting javascript version of your animation is the result of working within the constraints of the toolkit. You are pretty much constrained to using the timeline in Flash for your animations. If you work only in Actionscript, then the output will be very disappointing.


          2. Edge outputs javascript, css, and html to give you an animation. The user interface allows you to design within the constraints of what Edge can do. You can preview and adjust and tweek your animation as you work. Edge is an html5 tool. It can create html5 animation. It is not a replacement for Flash. It is something that you can use instead of Flash to embed animation in html.


          The problems and benefits of each are unique. Neither is a good substitute to learning javascript, css and html5. If you don't understand the code that is created from each of these tools, you can easily end up with huge, bloated, files that perform poorly. I'm very biased toward actually knowing what is going on. If I need to edit something, I want to be able to go into the code and make a change, not add an additional chunk of code to work around what was there. I don't use the timeline at all, and so nothing that I have will publish using CreateJS. Well, it will publish, but nothing happens because there is nothing on the timeline to translate.


          You can download a trial of Flash CS6 and try the Toolkit for yourself. Edge is still in free preview, you can get a copy at http://labs.adobe.com and try it to see how it works.


          Also, if you're not using the Greensock Animation Platform with Flash, have a look at that. It has recently been extended to provide Javascript analogues for most of the Libraries. http://www.greensock.com/

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            SuhasYogin Adobe Employee



            For point  number 3, you can export Flash assets to HTML5 using the Toolkit for CreateJS. However, you will have to manually re-code the ActionScript bits in to JavaScript to attain HTML5 supported scripting..



            Suhas Yogin

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