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    Form requires 2 clicks to return correct result

    xandout Level 1

      Hi guys,


      I have have a service (auto generated) that gets the id of a row from a DB based on a user id and a password.


      When I test the returns in the IDE it all works fine but once the code is running in a browser I have to hit it twice to get the correct ID. The first time I hit it I get a 0 as a return.


      I think that the relevant code is this :

      <s:CallResponder id="getTblusersIDResult"

                                                                   result="userID = getTblusersIDResult.lastResult as UserID"/>


      in the lastResult part.


      http://pastebin.com/1QiJXrJq <<< Full code


      I am a little lost on how t get the right ID on the first click. Any help is appreciated.