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    Tiger Woods Wins at Congressional

    the_wine_snob Level 9

      Well, it looks like Tiger Woods has regained a bit of his old form. By winning at Congressional in the AT&T, he has now surpassed Jack Nicklaus on the PGA Wins list, w/ 74, and is now in second place behind Sam Snead w/ 82.


      He is also number 1 in Fed-X Cup points, passing Jason Dufner.


      While I am far less a fan of Woods, than I was just a few years back, due to activities off the course, I have to say that he is certainly one of the best, who has ever played the game.


      I made a comment, not THAT long ago, that he would not win another "major," and he almost made me eat my words, at the US Open. If I was incorrect about that prediction, then so be it. I do not think that he can touch Nicklaus' record of majors' wins, 18, but might even be wrong about that too. At 14, and with maybe another 24 majors ahead of him, I suppose that it is possible.


      Maybe The Open Championship (British Open) will be a test of my prediction? Royal Lytham & St. Annes could be a worthy test for Woods, and depending on the weather, could close out 2012 with no "majors" for him.


      He IS making a comeback, but I wish that he was not "coming back," from what he is.




      PS - not sure what the deal is, but this is the third time, that I have tried to post this. No errors, no warnings, just an offer to take me to the forum, that I tried to post to, or the main forum page. Odd. If it gets posted multiple times, I'll see that others are deleted.

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          OK, it MUST have been mention of "Jason Dufner... "



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            Thinking about that approach shot to 18, with water on 2.5 sides. Tiger Woods was ~ 198 yards from the pin, and grabbed a 9-iron. "Nine-iron?" I thought, "WOW!" However, when the tournament was over, he talked about that shot to retain his lead.


            It was downhill, by at least a full club. Though there had been major rain, the greens has dried out a bit.


            I hit my 9-iron 132 yds., if I hit it properly and flush. Still, what was he thinking? Well, it was 140 yards to the front of the green, and he felt that the bounce and roll would carry to the pin, over the little ridge in the green. He was correct.


            I would have figured 198 = 5-iron, then calculated the downhill, giving me 6, or 7-iron. If I had hit either flush, I would have been in the water, behind the green. That is one major difference between me, and Tiger Woods! By his calculations, if I had played from the same spot (yeah, maybe after my second shot?), and hit my 9-iron pure, I would have been close to where he hit his second shot. Duh!


            Guess that is why he gets paid 100BZ (bazillion) $ to wear shirts with a little swoosh, and I buy my golf balls from the "Used Golf Ball Shop?" Oh, he also has a much nicer smile, than I do... when he wins.



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              198 yards...I woulda been looking at my 3 driver...and woulda probably sliced over to the large green frog statue on the miniature golf course on the other side of the parking lots.



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                Now, do not get me wrong. I am talking ONLY about yardages, and not MY results. Also, the yardages are predicated on me finally making good contact with the ball (doesn't happen all that often for me), and the club face being square at impact.


                I have hit my 9-iron between 3 and 150 yards, but I think of it as my 132 yd. club.


                Heck, the longest club in my bag is my 60 degree lob-wedge... when I skull it from just off the green!


                I try to just imagine my hitting each of my clubs with ultimate contact, and about the the expected distance - plan to do just that - then clear my mind completely, and let my body take over. If only it was THAT easy!


                On #2 at my club, a 145 yd. par 3, over water, with a slight false-front, I hit the 9-iron, pure. Should have been 132 yrds., just to clear the false-front to a rather firm green. Well, it went about 131 yds., right to the top of the false-front, but NOT beyond it. I watched a beautiful shot, right ON the pin, trickle off, and into the pond. Bogus!!! OK, red-staked hazard, and I dropped on the hazard boundry, into the second cut, and grabbed the lob-wedge, to pop the ball up onto the green, about 4 feet above where I was, then stop the ball, for a putt for bogey. Well, I skulled the lob-wedge, over the green, and into the back bunker, which was pretty hard. Now, I had a comeback to the green, and a pin-placement, near that false-front, with the pond immediately beyond that. Got out (Phoenix CC has hardened the bunkers to almost the consistancy of old concrete - you seldom have to rake, as you cannot leave much, in the way of footprints), but not by THAT much. Now, I am left with a long downhill, putt, with the dreaded pond, right behind the pin. Got the speed pretty close, but was left with a tap-in. With my penalty for the pond, I took a 6 - a "beagle," or double par. All of that, after a great tee-shot, that came up about 3 feet short of being perfect. In the air, I was actually thinking that I might get my first ace. Well, not even close.


                So, seeing the wisdom of Tiger's club choices is one thing, but executing it is another. Golf is an interesting game.



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                  I have hit my 9-iron between 3 and 150 yards, but I think of it as my 132 yd. club.


                  hmmm... I think of it as my 110 or 120....but since I just got back into playing ( not swinging full swing yet...full 'speed' so to speak ) I kinda think of it as my 90 - 100.... I'm sorta playing one club 'up'...on everything...so if I want to go 110 I use an 8 instead of the 9...with my little girl swing...it sorta works out.

                  however, although distance is pretty accurate with being a club off and a girly swing....I can be anywhere from 150 degrees to the left or right of the target....hence my now fond familiarity with mr. green frog and all the kids playing there....as I usually buy them an ice cream cone to make them stop crying and rubbing the bump on their head from my errant ball....



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                    Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Heck, the longest club in my bag is my 60 degree lob-wedge... when I skull it from just off the green!

                    lol. Ain't that the truth!

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                      If anyone is standing anywhere within that 150 degree " cone " in front of me I now have to use my " air horn " warning ( the family who owns the golf course won't let me on the course without they first give me the air horn ).

                      This blast from the air horn usually makes anyone in front of me in the cone of danger beat the standing high jump record....and they clear out pretty quick !


                      I played yesterday ( short course ) and it was like 95 degrees with about 85% humidity....this is a very hilly course ( I sing " The Bear Went Over The Mountain ' as I pull my hand cart along ).  When I got back to the clubhouse near the 1 hole T off...some guy that was about to start playing saw me and exclaimed , " OH MY GOD ! "


                      Apparently I looked like ' The Swamp Thing '....from sweating so much....boy was I glad to get into my air conditioned car !



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                        its probably a good thing we dont play together Bill, cause if I saw you skull a ball into the water I would probably fall down laughing on the ground...out of control...


                        This has no bearing on whether or not I did any 'better' ...and your own laughing hysterics after seeing some of the mystery of my own shots become part of " golf history " ....it's just that I find some things hilarious spontaneously...



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                          it was like 95 degrees with about 85% humidity.

                          Sounds like a cool, dry day on the course in New Orleans.


                          One good thing is that I perspire profusely, so the flying bugs (lots of those, in all shapes and sizes in NOLA) just wash off in small tidal waves of sweat. I leave behind piles of devastated, and gasping insects. I normally have a gallery of egrets following closely behind, just lapping up semi-conscious insects. You think that the crowds, that follow Tiger, Phil and others, is large? You need to see my egrets!



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                            Wouldn't it be cool to have a "golf " get together for adobe users somewhere for a weekend sort of thing ?... Like, one day of play on a fairly easy course ( not pga type course ...something a bit more forgiving )... and another day of demonstration of product etc and general sorta " yappin together about stuff " ... I don't mean drinking and eating etc...but you know...some cool interaction relative to product(s) and workflows etc... ??


                            Make it so the wives and girlfriends and mediocre players etc can enjoy playing without pressure, and wrap some good interaction things at some hotel regarding adobe product(s) re: premiere pro and suites etc. ??


                            Crazy idea.



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                              this is pretty funny stuff !

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                                Well, Adobe could probably get some really good deals in AZ about now.


                                The Biltmore Waldorf is running specials, and their Adobe GC (note the name) is a nice, traditional course, with parallel fairways, and pretty generous greens, that are not that tricky.


                                However, I am not sure that we could get Mitchell and Eric to leave San Diego for AZ. SD has some great resorts and GC's, but this time of the year, they are filled by "Zonies," the folk who leave Phoenix the first day the temps hit 80F, and do not come back, until they fall below 80F - and with good reason.


                                Might be a good thing!



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                                  yeah, thats a nutty idea...but could be cool... but then again, could be nuts.


                                  basically it's usually some sorta " joining" of parties for that kinda get together....


                                  eg. my ex-union sponsors golf tournament and producers and crews get together...sorta a cool get together where contract issues that sometimes clash are not part of the mix for that day...more of a get together just as people.


                                  with something like software development ( adobe) its more complicated. you got the basic ceo 'strategy' for direction of company plus the users of product(s) ( in this case a myriad of stuff...internet, smart phones, editing suites, graphics etc ).. to 'produce' end results for consumers ( producers, art directors, etc )...then the sale of that to tv stations, theatre, etc ( distribution )...so its way more complicated.


                                  hmmm...oh well.. like I said... a dumb idea.



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                                    Not such a "dumb idea."


                                    I mean Adobe could sponsor, say two nights at the Biltmore Waldorf, then a friendly, scrambles golf tournament on a course, prominently featuring their name (think of the marketing in that!), supply beer and snacks, then hand out copies of CS6 Production Studio for "highest net," "lowest net," etc., and maybe one copy of CS6 MC for "lowest gross."


                                    Second day, Todd could do some show-n-tells, and if there is any beer left over, we could all drink it, while watching Todd work his magic.


                                    Nah, not a dumb idea at all.



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                                      You know, I have re-thought the "prizes" a bit. My initial thinking was that everyone should have a chance to win - good golfer, or not.


                                      However, maybe they hand out "gag prizes," for "high net," "high gross," "most fairways missed," "greatest number of 3 - 4 putts," and instead of CS 6 Production Premium, hand out copies of FCPx, instead. That will get everyone focused on playing their best...


                                      Oh, and then there would be beer!



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                                        I don't think adobe should sponsor anything at all...re: golf tournament and "convention"...except maybe the initial golf course reservation..maybe not even that.


                                        members of forum could just form their own 'group' to collect money for the event...could include maybe some of those local user groups that meet every month etc...


                                        that 'group' would decide what the 'convention' day would demonstrate and discuss etc...so it's clear from beginning what programs and work flows would be demonstrated and or discussed etc...so everyone would know if their interests would be met or not, and what time(s) that stuff would happen.  So it's worked out so a demo on sound program(s) dont happen at same time as image editing or whatever...no conflicts in timing if possible...and cram all that into one day... like 8am to 6pm with a one hour lunch.


                                        so let's say a person pays for 2 day thing...golf first day, convention 2nd day... one night at hotel ( with option for 2nd night up to individuals ).. if the interest appears to be about 150 people...could that many T off in fours and do a 18 hole course in one day OK do you think ??


                                        price of ticket would include golf, golf prize ( money and one of those tournament statue things...whats it called...'trophy' ). The trophy could be done by adobe through their office so the same trophy is done for each year, because this would be so popular it becomes an annual event !

                                        Sooo, ticket also includes convention room rental at hotel and some basically " bare bones" pay for some of the equip and demonstrator salaries etc...the cost to do that stuff...

                                        Also lunch included, some sorta meal after golf ( along with trophy presentation and drinks etc )..


                                        I'm thinking it would only cost people about a gazillion bucks each ... not including airfare and golf club transport etc.


                                        maybe I'll just stay here and play with the green frog and windmill on the kiddie course !

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                                          could that many T off in fours and do a 18 hole course in one day OK do you think ??

                                          We do an annual charity tournament w/ 2 18-hole courses at the club. We limit the number of golfers to 240 total. This last year, we had so many all-ladies foursomes, that we got a third 18, near-by, and had them play there (bus service between the two clubs), so were able to handle 276 total.


                                          A tournament of 120 could fit on a single 18, and if they play a scrambles, could easily finish in half-a-day. It usually becomes a 5-hour round, but doable. Not the fastest round of the year, but doable.


                                          In our case, we take over both 18's (and last one, another), so sign-in is at 10:00AM, with lunch provided. The range is open, and we even have a few pros doing mini-clinics, if desired. Shotgun start is 12:30PM, and gold is always complete by ~ 5:30PM, when we do a buffet and an awards ceremony. A field of 120 would mean a complete course buy-out, but this time of the year, with a bit of notice and scheduling, could be accomplished.


                                          Most of the tournaments on the course behind me, are about 60 golfers, so they arrange them over the first 9, for a shotgun start. That allows them to book tee-times, up until the point that the last regular foursome has cleared #9 (in my backyard). Most of those are for corporate retreats, etc., though not all. Just had some charity event, with members of the AZ Cardinals playing too. I could not see the tee-signs, so am not sure who it benefitted?



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                                            Most of the tournaments on the course behind me, are about 60 golfers, so they arrange them over the first 9, for a shotgun start. That allows them to book tee-times, up until the point that the last regular foursome has cleared #9


                                            could you explain that ?? I dont get it ?  last t time from 1 is when first foursome finishes 9 ?  how could you know that before hand ?


                                            whats a shotgun start ?

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                                              OK, in that cited case, only the first nine holes are used to start the tournament. One foursome on 1, one on 2, etc. The open play golfers are scheduled, so that all should have cleared hole #9, before the start of play. Then, at say 1:00PM, each foursome on 1 - 9 tees off. The foursome on #1 will end, with #18, where the foursome on #2 will play #18, and then #1. The foursome on #3 will play through #18, and then holes #1 and #2.


                                              Starting multiple foursomes on different holes, at the same time, is called a "shotgun start," as at private clubs, without homes along the course, a shotgun was fired, at the appointed time. Then, they went to air horns (like the one that the course provides you with... ), as the fowl on the course were eating the shotgun pellets.


                                              Though there are variations, and often confused, and confusing names, a "scrambles" is where all four players hit from the tee. The foursome then decides whose tee shot, they will use, and play out the hole, repeating the process, until the putt is holed. Say we decide that my drive is the one to use, then we all go to that spot, and hit from that area (usually within a club's length, and usually from a similar lie*), but after our second shots, we decide that yours was the best, we gather up around your second shot, to hit our third, and the process is repeated, until one of our foursome hits to the green. We all putt, and if someone holes out - hole complete, and we use the cumulative score for our hole, though we chose the best shot, for each shot. If no one sinks the putt, then the one closest to the hole, or perhaps with a better line, is marked, and everyone putts from there.


                                              As mentioned, there are variations to a "scrambles." For years, one tournament started out, like above, with the best tee shot chosen, but then, each golfer in the foursome was on their own, and had to complete the hole. Two scores were assigned - overall score for the entire foursome (best score out of the group), but then another, individual score. That variation takes a bit longer, as each golfer completes the hole.


                                              There are also often stipulations, for the use of tee shots. In the Lou Grubb, each player in a foursome MUST have 4 tee shots used during the 18. That means that if we are playing our last hole, and I have only had 3 tee shots used to that point, we MUST use my tee shot, even if it ends up behind the giant green frog. There is a bit of psychology, that can go into choosing whose tee shot to use. If player A has few tee shots used, to that point, the foursome might decide to use a shorter tee shot from them, to insure that everyone has used 4 tee shots in the 18. This really comes into play with mixed foursomes, with the ladies. We might sacrifice some yardage, to make sure that all of the ladies do get their 4 tee shots in. However, some courses really give a benefit to the ladies, who are most often playing from forward tees, so then it can be the reverse, where the ladies are nailing drives from forward tees, and the guys need to get their 4 tee shots in.


                                              There can be other psycology employed, as if my tee shot is longer, but puts me in such a place, as I have say "tree trouble," we could choose to use another player's tee shot, that might be shorter, i.e. farther to the hole, but is in a better position. Still, with a "one club in the same lie rule," it could be that within one club length, we might have a better shot, around that problem tree?


                                              Some scrambles have no minimum required number of tee shots, so if you have one long, straight hitter on your team, you may legally use EVERY one of their tee shots, if they are better.


                                              You might hear terms like "best ball," used for a scrambles tournament format, but that term has an official meaning, that is different. You will see real Best Ball in the Ryder and President's Cup matches. True Best Ball is usually a team of two golfers in a foursome made up of two teams, and there are a few specific aspects, that would likely not come into the mix, unless maybe one is playing club vs club golf, where each foursome has two players from club A, and two from club B.


                                              For most tournament, each cart will get a complete set of the "rules" for that tournament.


                                              Hope that helps,




                                              * That "similar lie" aspect means that if I hit my tee shot into the first cut of the rough, and we decide to play my shot, we may NOT play any shots from the fairway, even if it's within one club length. All four shots MUST be played from the first cut of the rough, but can be placed (no "drop" required) within one club length, in the same first cut.


                                              PS - you might hear it said that with a "scrambles," no one ever has to play out of a bunker. Well, in general, that is often true, but in two tournaments, we had to play out of a bunker, as the other three shots were so bad! Should not happen, but it does.

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                                                PS - you might hear it said that with a "scrambles," no one ever has to play out of a bunker. Well, in general, that is often true, but in two tournaments, we had to play out of a bunker, as the other three shots were so bad! Should not happen, but it does.


                                                omg...that must be when the longest drive was to the green frog...with a horrendous slice....and everyone else ( though shorter ) was happy not to deal with the frog and the best of 'those' was in a bunker...


                                                wow, this is way more complicated than I thought. reminds me of poker and 'baseball', 'high / low " and all that crazy stuff...

                                                also, i wasn't thinking in terms of foursomes being 'teams' in and of themselves...like mini teams within the whole competition.


                                                what if you get ME in your team and you know I hit to the green frog a lot... would you wait until there is a real wide fairway and let me T off and pray it is still somewhere on the course ....and then deliberately hold your club about halfway down the shaft and drive .... ??? so I get my 4 t shots ??


                                                hmm... this is way more fun than I ever imagined !

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                                                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                                                  Everyone gets to tee off. Even if one player has hit an absolutely perfect shot - who knows, someone might do better.


                                                  Played in a tournament some years back, and I had two Drs. in my foursome. One, who was very atheletic, had not played golf in many years, so was more than "rusty." We struggled to use any of his drives, and on our 14th hole, all of the other three had good drives. That Dr. finally connected, and drove the green, which was 439 yds, IIRC. I mean this was a Bubba Watson, or John Daley drive, so we were putting for an eagle two. He did get his four tee-shots in, so we were "legal," but let's just say that for the other three, we played from some interesting places, but NOT behind the green frog.


                                                  Personally, I really like to get any required tee-shots out of the way early, so that extra pressure does not sit on my shoulders. It is tough, if one MUST have one more drive, and the foursome is on their 18th hole, with a good score, up to that point. ALL eyes are on them, as the team must use their drive, regardless of whether it makes it to the frog, or not.


                                                  If one wanted to break up the concept of a "team," then the "modified scrambles," described above, leaves the "team," but then scores the individual scores for each foursome member, so it's iike two tournaments in one. Because of the extra time that this format takes, and then the additional scoring, I am less a fan of it.



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                                                    well.. I hope I keep this love I have for this silly sport ( or game ? ) now... as it is getting me in shape physically and also is a mental challenge and coordination challenge that makes me focus a lot....


                                                    sometimes that focus is on " me vs the stupid blade of grass near my ball "... so I get into "nature" ....

                                                    Or I think something like , " for the shotgun start, why don't I shoot that goose straight out...and we eat it at end of tournament...and then we don't have to worry about it getting lead poisoning later on by eating the pellets ? "


                                                    stuff like that...


                                                    I'd rather do that...play golf... than be frantic going to work on the local highways and running over squirrels and hitting deer and so on... thinking I'm " on a mission from God " ...to make money.


                                                    So bring on the green frogs IMO...and teach kids how to play and be honest with their own challenges...and not lose their tempers when their bodies do weird things opposed to their mental picture of the future... that swing that dips the shoulder for some unknown reason...


                                                    ACK !

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                                                      just got back from another short course round... looked like the swamp thing again afterward...and I think I saw an egret following me for a while there...


                                                      hit my first good 1 wood for a 211 yard par 3... actually screwed up the putt and got a 4...


                                                      But I'm definitely getting 'better' ....finally...


                                                      but my body does weird stuff.. in beginning was dipping right shoulder and screwed up some shots that way...finally got it fixed... had fun anyway.


                                                      Bill, thanks for all that info about the shotgun start and how all that works... it is nice to know.. now I can see how you could have a bunch of people play in a tournament and so on... very cool .

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                                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                        Most welcome.


                                                        If we manage to pull off "The Adobe ON The Adobe" golf outting, not sure who we should designate to be the "starter?" Not sure that I trust Jim Simon with a loaded shotgun...


                                                        Maybe we just use your airhorn?



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                                                          hmmm... the airhorn has traditionally been used by " me " to warn people when I am using something longish.. like drivers etc. so they can take cover. I'm not sure I wanna share my airhorn with the starter... might confuse people...


                                                          I think Jim would be fine as the starter as long as:

                                                          a) he has shotgun at #1 ( nothing larger than a 12 gauge )

                                                          b) nobody at #2 is a mac user

                                                          c) nobody near the #1 hole is a mac user ( as he might load it with a slug instead of birdshot )

                                                          d) shotgun has a short barrel and no scope and only one load.. and he has to give it up after starting the game.



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                                                            I'm thinking Jeff should be a " judge" ... making sure everyone has a collar on their shirt.. no steel spikes and no bad language ( and no unnecessary metaphors ) ... no rubber snakes ( that might be dropped near the greens by unscrupulous teams ).. etc....

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                                                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                              I believe that you are starting to get a good line-up there.


                                                              Happy July 4th!



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                                                                If I am in front of you, Bill, Don't be surprised when you find THIS near your next green.....




                                                                whoops... musta accidentally dropped my 'rubber snake'...sorry...



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                                                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                  Hey, a little ole' black mamba would never even slow us down.


                                                                  On # 10, at our backyard course, right between the fairway and the # 13 green, we have an arroyo. There is, or was, a giant black snake, who lived there. I would guess that he/she is about 12' long, and about 9" in diameter, mid-section. We have played around that snake (not deadly, like a black mamba, but perhaps 100x as large - I am talking anaconda-large here), several times. Once, I was playing with two of the marshalls and one of the young lads from the cart barn. We were just finishing up on 10, when the lady from the mid-way refreshment stand right at the # 10 tee box, came up to us, in her cart. "That snake is in the stand, under the ice machine!" she screamed. The marshalls and I just looked at each other. We all knew that snake. Then, the marshalls turned to the young man, and said, "it's your turn. We've each moved him several times. He doesn't bite, but is about 150 lbs., so be careful. Use a hot-dog to get him out from under the ice machine, so you can grab him, and drag him outside. He'll find his way down the mountain. Probably just got hot, and the ice machine was cooler." He re-joined us at about # 14, huffing and puffing, though young and in good shape. "Yeah, that snake DOES weight about 150 - 200 lbs.!"


                                                                  I've had to play around at least three alligators (one of which actually ate one of the egrets following me!), a large gaggle of Canada geese, some deer at Poppy Hills, a small herd of antelope in Colorado, and a really pissy bunch of wild turkeys in Tennessee. Never had an issue with the giant green frog, but I do swear that a bunny stole a beautiful drive, right up the middle of the fairway, but over a slight hill, in San Diego once!


                                                                  Naw, that snake would not even slow us down, but I WILL remember to bring my old 7-iron, often referred to as my "desert 7," or my "snake killer." One should not need a "desert 7," on the Adobe Coruse (Adobe at the Adobe), but for your pet snake, it might be useful.



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                                                                    OK, I'm now planning the "frog surprise" for your team....


                                                                    The first one pictured actually JUMPS on my command...will probably turn everyone's hair white instantly when that happens just as you approach the # 3 green...( will hide this frog in the sand trap behind the green ....or maybe somewhere else....you won't know until it JUMPS ! )




                                                                    Then there's this other frog... which is too big to fit on golf course, so I'm thinking around dawn at the hotel...when you open the curtains to have your morning coffee.... this thing is lingering outside your window ....and makes a frog-like growling noise ??





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                                                                      I just came back from the local equiv of some 'east hampton' hangout in MN...where I now live.

                                                                      They didn't know what 'compari and soda' was ... and i ended up with a tanguarey (sp? ) martini ...up with olive...and have to admit that by the time I saw the olive swimming there I was wondering if I could actually drive 3000 yards home and not be considered " wrecked".... so I didnt finish the dregs and here I am...safe and sound.....





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                                                                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                                                                        Based on the frog, and that olive, I think that we can now, and officially, declare this your "Green Period."


                                                                        I have never been a martini fan, but do keep a bunch of gin and vodka, for my rowdy friends - plus various mixes. I see that I need Campari added to the bar. That's the trouble with a wino, who does not drink much else, other than brews - they don't know all the "cool drinks" anymore, and have to work at it a bit. I have a little collection of Single Malt Scotch Whiskeys, and some blends, but those are for my friends. I only have had maybe too glasses on one, just to go with some cigars.



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                                                                          ya, compari and soda... about half and half try first...its a nice summer drink... and not much alcohol...also soothes upset stomachs for some people...like me...


                                                                          martini's are dangerous... the first time I had martini some nutty friend I was with suggested I try a 2nd one, and I was wrecked  before I knew what hit me... 


                                                                          I used to like cognac but now its just beer for me..and that is getting less 'often' and less quantity.. as I get into better shape out here...riding bike and golf etc...

                                                                          • 34. Re: Tiger Woods Wins at Congressional
                                                                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                            Sounds great. Campari WILL be added to my bar, for when you come down for the Adobe at the Adobe Golf Event. Let's leave the word "tournament" out of it for now.


                                                                            Many of my friends go for G&T's in the Summer. I go for lighter white wines, when the temps go up, but can see some wisdom in cocktails (maybe not in the strictest of definitions), that do go with the season.


                                                                            Though I love my Ports, and also my big Cabs, Summer in AZ is not "their time."



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                                                                              ya, summer type drinks, kinda light and refreshing... are cool...

                                                                              when I was in college I worked too... and one job was as a bartender at some restaurant / bar on east side nyc ( 27 and lex ) near the publishing houses... that crowd liked ( lunch crowd ) these sorta 'european' summer type drinks and the compari and soda was one they liked...( roughly half and half ).. and this was another... called "Kir ".



                                                                              My bartending days were numbered, as I had no clue what half the drinks were these people ordered and had the bartender guide in my back pocket the whole time I worked there. Not only did I not know the drinks for customers at the 'bar' but the waitresses and waiters would order stuff really fast and half the time I had no clue what they just said to me. I knew in my heart I was doomed !  Somehow I managed to sweat my way through it and learn pretty quick ( sometimes with nice customers giving me tips and so on ).  If you want to imagine something really really hilarious... think of me mixing cocktails and so on for about 1000 customers at the same time...with people yelling and waving their arms at me...






                                                                              and of course you know about pernod... in the old days it had absynth in it..and there may still be some made with absyth in turkey or some place...but I kinda doubt it..in 1972 you could get pernod made somewhere that still had the absynth but not in the USA or most of Europe.

                                                                              Anyway, about 1/5 pernod and the rest water is pretty refreshing... another 'summer' sorta drink.

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                                                                                IIRC, the element in Absinthe, that caused the problem was Wormwood Oil. Many attributes have been ascribed to Wormwood Oil, but I do not recall any real scientific study - maybe I just missed it.


                                                                                Wormwood Oil was outlawed in the US, and some distilleries found other components, that got them past that ban.


                                                                                At one time, Absinthe was very popular, and to the point that one of the oldest bars in New Orleans (a city known for bars), The Old Absinthe House, is still in existance.


                                                                                Now I guess that I need to add a bottle of Pernod for you too...



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                                                                                  yep.. I would say, creme de cassis, for the " Kir ", pernod for a licorice flavor burst, and compari ... should do the trick ...

                                                                                  Chics dig it, and West Europeans, and some ny guys too wimpy to drink the hard stuff....



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                                                                                    went to the driving range at "Deer Run" ( public course that is supposed to be 6 miles from "mound, mn ". )

                                                                                    I musta drove ( this area is new to me ) 60 miles to get there...meandering around about 150 lakes on very curvy roads....


                                                                                    just kidding, but sorta not kidding either...yikes, if I was a fish this place would be perfect for retirement.


                                                                                    Anyway, driving range was cool... and the course looked good...what I saw of it... and I hit about 35 balls in 5 minutes and started sweating like 'the swamp thing' and also decided this was not the day to do the 18 hole course nearby... too hot and humid. Plus I need time to sorta let my body get used to all this new exercise or maybe I will explode or something unpleasant....



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                                                                                      One drill that I like on "the range," is to pretend that I am playing a hole, that I know well. An example would be the par 5, number 1 at Phoenix CC. I first hit my driver, and determine about where that shot would be on the fairway (or near the fairway), and then pretend that I am hitting my second shot, perhaps a long-iron, or perhaps a fairway metal. Again, I judge how well I hit that second shot, and imagine where I am, off the green. Third shot/club would probably my "approach shot" to the green. Obviously, on the range, I would not be putting, but almost all other shots could come into play. On the range, I will often play that hole (actually, if I'm at the Phoenix CC range, # 1 is right beside me, outside the fence) several times. I have the hole memorized, so can easily imagine where each shot would land, on that hole, and about what my yardage would be, for the next shot.


                                                                                      I also pick out exact locations on the range (not just hitting to near a stake, sign, or some other feature), and try to hit that, as though it was actual play on the "imaginary" hole.


                                                                                      That drill gets me to thinking about 1-shot, 2-shot, etc., and allows me to mix up my clubs.


                                                                                      Of course, there are days, that I might just grab my 9-iron, and work to groove that. When I am comfortable with how I am hitting it, with a normal full-stroke, I will then start trying to "work" that club, hitting low, long chips, high, soft pitches, etc. Same club, but different shots with it. When I am grooved to those variations, I will grab another club, and try to do the same thing - say nice high 6-irons, then low shots, as if to clear overhanging trees, then pitches and chips, with that 6-iron.


                                                                                      Even with those clubs, I try to pick out an exact landing area, and shoot for that, over and over. Luckily, our range has several greens, and plenty of aiming stakes, spread around, so one can get pretty specific with the drills.


                                                                                      Enjoy, and if you ever find a way to take your game from the range to the course, please share that with me. I have had many days, when I shot 68 "on the range," and carded a 120 out on the course...



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