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    Is Illustrator a good choice for simple diagrams?


      I occasionally need to draw simple diagrams - such as an electrical schematic or just basic illustrations of various projects.


      Currently I need to draw a layout that shows prospective positions of buildings on a plot of land. Again, just simple stuff - rectangles, some curved lines to represent the access lane, etc. I could easily do it by hand, but there are advantages if I do it digitally.


      I have Illustrator 10, but have not used it yet so I don't know if it's appropriate for this type of work. I want something that doesn't require a lot of time to learn as I am slow to take to software. I do know Photoshop fairly well, though.


      Is Illustrator a good choice for what I need or is there a simpler (free) drawing program that would be easy to learn and be more appropriate for my needs?


      Thanks for your help.