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    Typing text problem in InDesignCS4


      Hi to all InDesign Professionals out there!


      I am having a problem in typing a paragraph in my indesign CS4 especially with using special characters (ex: period, commas). It seems that the period (.) when ending the sentence moves in first of the line and it also doing it with the acronyms i am typing (I am typing "P.R.O." but instead it is typing  ".P.R.O") another example is (I am typing "This is a sentence." instead it shows  ".This is a sentence" in the screen with the period ending in front of the line). I did try copy and paste it to microsoft word just so i could do something but it always end up the same. I have been using InDesign for a few years from now, but this is a strange case for me. Please help. Thank you!