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    Linked Tables in tables crashing InDD CS5.5




      I am doing a slightly convoluted project that requires tables that are linked to excel sheets to then be placed into static tables in CS5.5.


      When working locally, these are all fine, but some are crashing when I try to load the files onto our remote server. There does not seem to be any factor that would cause some to crash InDesign, and others not.


      They were created from a master document, so all styles (paragraph, character, cell, table) are identical. All tables are styled using cell styles, no overrides.


      I have tried uploading the file with the linked table placed on the page, but not inserted in the other table, and it uploads without a problem. It is only when I copy/paste it into the static table that InDesign crashes.


      (error message refers to the Table Model.rpln)



      Does anyone have any suggestions what might cause some tables to be ok, and other not?


      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.