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    FlexBuilder 2 Performance Issue


      I have the following Development Environment. I have FlexBuilder 2.0 installed on my Laptop. The projects I am currently developing are on a server in the internal network. I am connected via Samba to this server.

      During my work I experience a different performance Issue than most of the people. If I try to write a Tag it takes the Code Assist about a minute to pop up the Tags, which are available in the context.

      If I try to develop a project locally, there is no performance issue with the Code Assist. My question now is: what the hell takes FlexBuilder so long to display the available Tags on the server? Is there any other way than turning the Code Assist off, to solve this Issue.

      I have an IBM ThinkPad T60 Dual Processor
      1 GB RAM
      and JRE 1.5 update 6 running

      thx Flo
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          must be memory problem. I got same problem with my PC (P4 2.8 Ghz, 1Go Ram, JDK 1.5 update 6) when i work into LAN network. I dont work locally. I solved my problem when i restart Flex Builder to clean cache memory. More you work longer, Flex Builder eat more memory. Maybe im wrong, but it's works

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            darkerlein Level 1

            thx for the answer. I do not think of an memory problem. This performance issue is directly after the startup from Flexbuilder so that a restart of the application would not be the solution.

            The question is, what does FlexBuilder do by displaying the available tags? We had a look on the network connection statistics and they show, that a lot of traffic is produced only by the Content Assist. I think, FlexBuilder tries to find something on the remote Server and this takes so long. Am I wrong?

            mfg Flo