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    Project based setup

    Joe Riggs Level 1



      Working on Win 7 64bit and CS6.


      There seems to be two ways to setup your projects, system based, where you have a large dedicated drive for all your audio/video render files, media cache, etc or project based, which is mostly how I work and could use some help understanding how to get CS6 to handle a project based workflow similar to Final Cut 7. 


      Often times I'm working on multiple projects at a time where I'm editing off the external drive that stores the media. When I work on project A, everything including the project file is on the Project A drive and same thing for Project B. I'd like to be able to switch between these two projects and have all the files (.pek, audio conforming, etc...) stay with that project on that drive.


      If I move the drive from my desktop to my laptop to do some editing offsite, how do I make sure that when I open up the project, I won't have to reconform audio, pek files etc...?


      Thank you