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    Master page for first page of chapter?

    bjele Level 1

      I want to make sure I am using the right approach.


      I have a 150 page book with 12 chapters. Most of the pages in the book have page number and running heads with the chapter name at the top of the page. That is working OK. For the 12 pages that start a chapter, I don't want the running head at the top - only the page number appears at the bottom of the page.


      Master pages, right? I started with all pages as "A" pages and then assigned the 12 pages for the beginning of the chapter to be "B" pages. Looks great.


      But then the project manager comes along and asks me to try the book in 12 point instead of 11 point. I edit a few paragraph styles. Everything repaginates, and now I have to find the 12 places where a chapter starts, change it from "A" to "B" master page, then find the old 12 pages that previously started a chapter and change them from "B" back to "A".


      Every time he freaking changes his mind, I am fixing 24 pages (OK - 22 pages, since the first page stays in place). Am I missing something really obvious - is there a way to say "Every time there is a Chapter Title paragraph style, that page should be assigned "B" Master Style?".  I realize I could use an INDB with 12 INDD files inside, but that seems like overkill for a small book.


      Thanks in advance,

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          I think there are some scripts floating around here onthe forum that will assigne a master based on the paragraph style, but my personal approach is to break the document into individual stories (not different docs, just different text threads, for each story) for each chapter. If you do that, any editing effects will be confined to the last page in each chapter.

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