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    Rogue topic

    Authorgirl Level 1

      (Using RH7 for HTML output)


      I have a single topic that I cannot remove from the TOC. If I do, I get 'Cannot open the file: filepath' when I compile the project and try to view the output.


      I also get this error if I move the topic within the TOC.


      The topic has had a conditional build tag applied but so had other topics in the same TOC book and they were removed from the TOC with no problems. I removed the tag before trying to do anything else.


      The only thing of note I can find is that when right clicking on the topic file from the Project window and selecting 'Show Topic References', it has 2 TOC references. If I delete one of them, the topic remains in the TOC and the project compiles fine. If I delete the other, the topic is removed from the TOC and I get the error.


      Any ideas?

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          Authorgirl Level 1

          I have since found another unwanted topic with multiple TOC references but I was able to remove this from the topic and then from the project with no problems. This suggests that the multiple TOC reference is not the cause of the issue.

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            Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



            When you get the error that the file cannot be opened, which file cannot be opened? Is it the TOC file, the topic or something else entirely? Perhaps the TOC file as incorrectly set to read-only or something like that.





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              Authorgirl Level 1

              Hi William, thanks for your reply.


              It's the compiled chm that won't open.


              I can rename the TOC title, the topic filename, even the project folder (all from within RH) and I still get the error when I compile after removing the topic from the TOC.


              It seems I can move the topic within the current TOC book but not to elsewhere in the TOC.


              It definitely seems like an issue with the TOC.