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    AE CS6 Open GL with multiple video cards


      I saw a similiar post to this from January, but wondering if anything has changed with CS6:


      I have two graphics cards in my Mac Pro, a Quadro 4000 and ATI Radeon HD 2600 (connected to 2 monitors). When I look at the  "Preview" preferences in AE, I see the Quadro listed for the CUDA device, but the ATI card is listed as the Open GL device.


      Is there any way to get the Quadro to be the Open GL device as well as the CUDA device? In the previous thread for CS5, it didn't sound like it would make much of a difference either way, is that the same for CS6?


      Here is the Preview pane info:


      Fast Draft:          Available

      Texture Memory:          200.00 MB

      Ray-tracing:          GPU



      Vendor:          ATI Technologies Inc.

      Device:          ATI Radeon HD 2600 OpenGL Engine

      Version:          2.1 ATI-7.18.18

      Total Memory:          256.00 MB

      Shader Model:          -


      Driver Version:          4.2

      Devices:          1 (Quadro 4000)

      Current Usable Memory:          1.95 GB (at application launch)

      Maximum Usable Memory:          2.00 GB