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    Anchored Objects Stuck in Text Frame



      I have updated from CS4 to CS6 and am now having a problem with being able to edit anchored objects from a file that I used to work off of in the CS4 version.


      I am working on a catalog that has product assessory boxes that are made up of images and text. In CS4, I created the accessory boxes, grouped all the items and pasted it in the text frame that held the text and photos of other products. I used to be able to edit the text or cut and paste the accessory box out of the text frame it was placed into. Now since I have upgraded to CS6 I cannot edit them at all, when I try to select the box with the selction tool or highlight the text with the type tool nothing will happen. The only thing I can do is hightlight the whole box and cut and paste it into another text frame I create, which doesnt help because I still cannot edit them.


      In CS6, I have created an accessory box from scratch, and followed the same process as I have before and I can edit and select like I used to do. The problem only seems to come with the accessory boxes I have created in CS4.


      This is a pretty large catalog, and will take a lot of time to recreate all the accessory boxes, so any suggestion to help fix the problem will be greatly appriciated.


      Thank you!