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    How can you point multiple dialog field widgets to the same jcr node field?


      I am trying to have two fields within the same dialog point to the same field.  Structure:

      • dialog
        • items
          • tab1
            • items
              • field 1.1 (numberfield, points to ./maxResults)
          • tab2
            • items
              • field 2.1 (numberfield, points to ./maxResults)


      The problem, is that this is being translated into ./maxResults beinf a String[] instead of a String in the JCR node.  The numberfields do not handle String[] very well at all.  Is this by design or could this possibly be a defect?  To me, it would be intuitive for these two numberfields to both be pointing to the same JCR field, and that field's type should be String.


      I have worked around this by just using separate fields (changing one to maxResults2), but I am just curious as to if this is expected behavior.