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    Make Separate Words/Labels in Title Appear at Different Times CS5.5



      I am wanting to create seperate text labels to house different words on a title and I'm wanting each word to appear at a different time.

      I was curious whether this is possible with this piece of software and if so, how?

      Thanks in advance,

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          There are several ways to accomplish this.


          1. One can make separate Titles, and animate them, as needed.
          2. One can make one Title, and use Effects, such as Crop, Garbage Matte, Track Matte Keying to "reveal"
          3. One can go to Photoshop, and create Layered Titles, Importing as a Sequence, so that the Layers are retained. Each Layer can be animated to suit. I use this method most often.


          Good luck,




          PS - Welcome to the forum!

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            maccyjam Level 1

            Thanks for the response!

            I thought of the seperate Titles approach but didn't think it would be too effective. I'm not too sure on on effects such as Crop and so forth but I could give them a try. But first I think I shall try the Photoshop layers method.

            Again, thanks for the prompt reply and I'll be sure to give this methods a try!

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              maccyjam Level 1

              Sorry, I hate to be a pain, but how might one go about making the seperate layers of a sequence appear at separate times? Or should I use the first method of animating each separate layer that was imported with the file?

              Thanks again.

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                shooternz Level 6

                As pointed out ...a few ways to skin this cat.


                Base logic is ...


                You need to have a title start (and stop) on the timeline when in time, you want it to do so.  Then you do the same with the next one and the next one. etc....


                If you overlap them...they can be on screen at the same time. (Overlap uses multiple video layers)


                So it does not matter how you achieve the separate Titles but you do need them separated.


                A PSD from Photoshop can be imported as individual layers or merged ( flattened) You want individuals.


                The Titler can also make a a bunch of separate titles that you can use.


                Think about if you need any registration of the titles.The "New Title Based On" is a great way to do this.

                eg create one the create next by "New Title Based On".

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  A bit of the choice of method, depends on exactly how one wishes to have the words/letters show.


                  Here is one example of a possibility, with step-by-step with Photoshop.


                  The setup is that we want a Title, with three lines of Text to appear, one line after another, leaving the previous Text on-screen.


                  1. In Photoshop, do to Image New in File, in the Toolbar.
                  2. Choose one of the Video Presets, from the drop-down box, say HD 1920 x 1080 w/ Guides.
                  3. Before you click OK, make sure that the Background is set to Transparent.
                  4. Use the Type Tool to create your three short lines of Text, in the color, and with the font, that you desire. Each use of the Text Tool will create a new Text Layer.
                  5. Use the Alignment/Distribution Tools in PS to get the arrangement, of the three Text Layers, that you need/desire.
                  6. Save_As PSD, to retain those three Text Layers, over a Transparent Background.
                  7. In PrPro w/ an HD 1920 x 1080 Sequence (note: match the New Image Preset to match any existing Sequence - the 1920 x 1080 is but an example.)
                  8. Import the PSD as a Sequence, so as to NOT Flatten those Layers.
                  9. This will bring the new, Title Sequence into the Project Panel, and there you can Open it, to reveal the Layers in the PSD.
                  10. Drag them to Video Tracks (above any Video, or from VT 1 up to VT 3), and change their Duration to what you need.
                  11. You can offset them, for timing, or can adjust that, with the Keyframes. I like offsetting, just so that I have a visual reference.
                  12. Now, it's decision time. For the example, I have decided that I want the three lines of Text to fade in, in the spot that I created them. I will Keyframe the Fixed Effect>Opacity to accomplish this. I like to do this in the Effects Control Panel, with the individual Text Layer Clip Selected. (Note: you could use many Effects, depending on what you want, and also combos of Effects, both Fixed, and Applied - your imagination is the only limitation.)
                  13. All three Text Layers have Opacity set to 100%, and that is where we want them to end up, but we need to start our first Layer off at 0% Opacity. Before you do that, decide where in time, you want it to reach 100%. Set an Opacity Keyframe there, with Opacity animation toggled ON. We now have Opacity set to 100% from that point, to the last Frame of the Text Layer Clip.
                  14. Go to the First Frame, and add an Opacity Keyframe to it. Adjust that to 0%. We now have a linear fade in, fro 0% to 100%.
                  15. You can change the linear nature, with Bezier Curves applied to the Keyframes. For all of those permutations, I strongly recommend the Help File. For now, we will leave things linear, with constant Velocity.
                  16. If you offset the Text Layer Clips, you will do exactly the same thing. If not, then you will just want to add a 100% Keyframe farther along in time, and instead of going to the First Frame, go to where you want the Opacity to begin going from 0% toward 100%, and place a Keyframe, adjusted to 0% Opacity. What you have done is set the initial Opacity to 0% for the time, until that first Keyframe, then Opacity changes until it reaches the 100% Keyframe.
                  17. Repeat for the third Text Layer Clip.
                  18. Done.


                  Good luck, and hope that helps. Remember, many Effects can be Keyframed to change, over time. We could have done similar with the added Effect>Gaussian Blur.



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                    maccyjam Level 1

                    Thank you for this perfect answer! It explains a lot and am sure it will help me in future projects as well!

                    Thanks also to shooternz for that great piece of advice as well!

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Glad to have helped.


                      Craig's mention of Titles from the Titler, takes PS out of the mix, and most of what I mentioned in the latter half of my Reply, will apply to Keyframing Opacity (or nearly anything else), in them.


                      I also like his mention of Title Based On, as it does help with Alignment, but PS does have those Tools as well. They were fairly recently added to PrPro's Titler, so I focused on doing that in PS - a bit of a holdover from the "olden days," but I also like all the various Filters in PS. Titler has a bunch of Styles, that can be adjusted, and PS has a few more.


                      Again, the ONLY limitation is one's imagination. I could have had each line of Text fly in from off-screen, hold, then fly out. I could have had them spin in, growing in size, etc., etc.


                      Also, I did not fade Opacity out, in the example, and you might want to consider how you want to get the Titles off-screen. If they are aligned, then a simple Dip-to-Black on the top one, will visually fade them to black.


                      Good luck, and do play with other Effects too.