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    CS6 Very Slow Startup?

    jasdelta Level 1

      Hello Folks,


      I've just applied the latest update, but am experiencing very slow image loading times between LR 4.1 and CS6 Extended edition.

      I am using an iMac 27 2.8Ghz with 8Gig of System Ram, over 300Gig of HDD free space.


      Upon selecting edit-in CS6 with an image in LR 4.1, CS6 starts up with a long splash screen, loads, then I get a spinning grey circle, then CS6 loads on the desktop, then I get a colored spinning circle, before my image finally appears.


      I have performance set to an external scratch disk witih 624G of free space, 5644 MB of memory usage at 74%, HS at 30 CL at 7 CTS at 1028K


      I have CS5 still installed and it's load times are about twice as fast as CS 6


      Any help or suggestions on how I might resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.





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          Is Photoshop slow to launch (should take about 7 seconds cold launch on that system, 4 for a warm launch), or slow to open files?

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            jasdelta Level 1

            I'd say about 7 seconds for PS to load on a cold start and 4 on warm is close, but slow open files from LR.

            Should I have my scratch disk set to my internal drive instead of an external FW800 drive?



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              OK, so it's just slow loading the file.


              Try changing the scratch disk -- yes, the external will be slower.


              But I'm not sure why you're getting the spinning color circle - that means that the application is blocked and not processing events (which Photoshop should be doing even with a slow disk).


              Are files that slow to load if you open a PSD from Photoshop?  Or is this just with certain file types from Lightroom?  (could this be ACR related)

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                jasdelta Level 1

                I changed the scratch disk, to my internal which has 300G of free space but also kept my FW800 external 600G of free space as well.

                Now things seem to be running faster.

                I've tried opening .psd and .dng files, maybe the .dng files load a bit faster.


                After I reinstalled i did a complete update againk which included ACR 7.1


                I also tried reinstalling CS6 over itself, but not sure if that might have made a difference or not. The reason I did that is that I'm getting a separate error messge when I select PS Support Center.

                The error messge states, Adobe Air, this application is damaged, try to re-install the application.

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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  Keep in mind that external disks sometimes spin down, and thus the startup time could have been greatly extended by using such a disk in that condition, as it would have to be given time to spin up.  It could be that it's an acceptable disk for the task otherwise.


                  Just thought I'd mention that.



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                    jasdelta Level 1

                    Thanks, for the note.


                    I appreciate the feedback and helpful suggestions.