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    Choppy Playback on exported footage


      I recently tried my GoPro on the 720 60p setting. I like the smoothness of the motion capture... I did a quick edit last night with a few of the clips (my sequence matched my footage settings). and then i exported using the YouTube Widescreen HD Adobe Media export setting (because that was where I was goign to upload it to.)


      When i played my footage back, ever so often it looked like it skipped a frame. And it was pretty rythmic too. So, I immediately thought my settings are wrong somewhere...


      I looked and of course, the export setting is a 30frame (29.97) setting. Did the fact that these don't match cause me to lose a frame or something like that along the way? Do I need to do another step somewhere to make sure this footage plays back smoothly?




      (eventually, I suspect I will interpret this footage to 30frame so that I can do some cool slow-mo effects and create a better mood with it, but in the meantime, I'd like to see what I did wrong here first.)