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    Why does Acrobat X Pro for Macintosh quit citing Error: 1 upon boot?


      I have been running Adobe Acrobat X Pro (v10.1.3) for a long time under Lion (OS 10.7.4) on this MacBook Pro i7 without a problem. Suddenly, Acrobat crashes upon opening citing Error: 1 and advises me to uninstall and reinstall the program. I cannot download Acrobat X Pro from my links as they have expired.


      I am dependent on the Acrobat...more so than on most other apps. I am flummoxed about the error message and what steps to take next. I have the serial number tucked away in Filemaker, fortunately.


      Any ideas on what to do next or how to reinstall? Any suggestions would be most welcome.


      -John P. Koeppel, M.D.