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    Error manifest file #2083


      Since yesterday I have a problem with one of my ereaders. All of a sudden it has to autorize itself and then the message "error during recovery after saving manifest file" (translated from Dutch, I don't know what the exact English phrase might look like). And only with one reader: bebook club s, my other one, a normal club, doesn't have this issue.

      Nothing changed in the setup so it appeared all of a sudden. The worst thing: I can't copy new purchased books while this results in an io error. Also, when I copy the new book to an SD card, my bebook can't open it while the DRM hasn't been set (this might be writtento manifest.xml I guess)

      Who can help me? I saw some similar questions but no answers

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          Sybranddevries Level 1

          I also posted the solution in another thread, sorry for the double entry but just to be comprehensive


          In the end it was quit simple and the issue was in the ereader itself. AND I found a better solution for managing my books as well. I downloaded calibre to check if this helped. And yes, in a way. I could copy the book which caused the trouble but after i opened it on my ereader (worked), closed and try to open it again, the directory structure was a mess.

          So I took the drastic approach and formatted the memory of my bebook. This helped and now it is working again. And sorry for ADE, calibre is a much nicer program which sees the SD card as well, gives more functionality and is much faster.


          I hope this helps others, it was hard to find a solution on the internet