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    AutoCAD 2004 into AI or ID (technical help)


      hi all.


      very new user here.


      i am trying to get an AutoCAD dwg or dxf into AI so that I can then bring it into InDesign. i ran a few tests using dwg 2004 and dxf 2004 and the lines come in as very fat lines with big rounded ends that obscure the drawing. i also lose the fonts but this is not a big deal.


      can anyone help direct me to a method that i can use to get this geometry to work in ID or AI?


      also, one user was kind enough to instruct me to convert the CAD to greyscale before bringing into ID (so they are not all colored) and i was wondering if this has to happen in AI.





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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You’ll do far better asking this in Illustrator forum.





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            Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

            Results will vary when converting from one file format to another. In your case, it sounds like the stroke weights relative to the dimensional size is off. Do you get an option to open CAD into Illustrator at a desired size? If so, try larger size. If the CAD just opens into Illustrator and this is what you are left with, you can try this: Scale all art with "Scale Strokes & Effects" turned on, reducing to size where stroke weight appears correctly. Then if you need, scale and enlarge art to proper dimension, turn off the "Scale Strokes & Effects" option, leaving stroke weights unscaled.


            The rounded ends sounds like "Round Cap" and "Round Join" (from the Stroke Panel) are turned on. You can select all, and turn these options off.


            You may have to select certain stroke weights, and modify each occurence individually. You can use the select stroke by weight option to help in this process.