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    How to freeze a scene push it to left and make another scene appear at the side when doing a split s


      Hello everyone,


      I am new to the editing world. I am just trying out various options in Adobe premier pro cs 5.5. Here is the scenario.


      I have four videos. I am able to do a splitscreen using scaling in the effects control. I am also able to crop the black bars using the crop tool. I did those, placed all the four videos one above the other in the timeline, and made all the four to appear onscreen in the form of a grid with two videos aat the tp and two videos at the bottom.



      What I don't know


      When a video is playing in full screen i need that video to be paused and pushed to the left. then the next video should start playing in the size of the remaing screen and it should then be pushed to the left. This should end after the fourth video ends. See the video below to get and idea of what I want.




      Please send me a tutorial or video or guideline or anything that would help.