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    Is there an easy way to paste content (e.g., from Word) without bringing over the formatting?

    SteveCTWriter Level 1

      I know you can always open NotePad and past your content there, than copy and paste from Notepad into RH, but that is not a very handy or efficient method. It would be nice if RH had some Paste options (like in Word) so you had the choice to paste non-formatted text into a topic.


      One of the reasons I am asking this question is that I have encountered a RH bug (that I am in the midst of documenting) where when you past some content from another source (e.g., Word), and you want to apply an existing RH style to it, RH will (sometimes) generate spurious "local" formatting on top of the style that you choose, thereby (in effect) overriding the desired appearance of your text. It also affects other things in your topic file (in the html code), but I need more time to figure this all out.