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    Multiple Help windows appear


      I have a form with 4 controls on it.  3 are normal combo boxes  - the Help works fine for these.


      The 4th control is a user control.  The user control is a simple textbox with code attached that restricts and validates input.


      When I put my cursor on one of the combo boxes and hit the F1 key to get help the help window appears.  If it put the cursor on a different combo box and hit the F1 key the proper help shows in the same window opened by the first request for help.  This is as expected.


      If I then put my cursor on the user control and hit the F1 key a new help window opens.  Now I have 2 Help windows - NOT what we want.  The help should only ever have 1 window open.


      I don't know if this is related to RoboHelp or not.  Does any one have a pointer to some help on this?