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    ¿Possible to peg picture to text on opposite page, and still have text flow?

    Obenreizer Level 1

      Pardon the clumsy question, but it's a somewhat complicated situation, so I'll explain.


      I have a text story, and I need to insert a rather large picture after a certain line of introductory text. I want to place the picture on the page immediately following the introductory text (creating a "see diagram on following page" situation).  BUT should I add/delete a lot of text from the story (I have a work in progress), I would like the picture page to always follow the page which contains the line of introductory text. Possible?


      (If I place the picture in-line, immediately below the introductory text, it's necessary size pushes it to the next page, with about 1/2 a blank page following the introductory text.)


      Thanks in advance.