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    General issue

      Yep - I have been using the purchased version of Captivate 3 and then purchased Articulate which appeared to be less "glitchy". However, today I went to use Captivate to do some screen captures and it's giving me a fatal error and can't find the program. Yes, I've restarted the system but it tells me it can't find the installation path to Captivate. It's as if Captivate has uninstalled itself. Has anyone experienced this. I have done the entire uninstall/reinstall due to freezes before and I hope this isn't another glitch in this new version. Can anyone help. I tried to print the error screen but it locked up. Any help would be great - thank you.
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          Roughfit Level 1
          I went through again and this is the error code: 1706 - No valid source could be found for product - installer can not continue and then it gives me a fatal error during installation. A reminder, this is an already fully installed, operational product. Thanks
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi Roughfit and welcome to our community

            By chance has other software been installed recently? I ask, because I've seen where Captivate as well as RoboHelp and who knows which other products have a similar issue. Essentially what happens is that when starting the application (Captivate or RoboHelp in this case) the Windows Installer utility kicks off. And sometimes it's the result of another installation gone sour somehow.

            Wishing I had more to offer. I did Google the error you reported and found some references to generic Windows stuff and Microsoft.

            I sincerely wish you the best of luck in sorting it all out... Rick