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    Batch/ Droplet processing images into separate folders.


      Hi Guys,


      I'm after some guidance with batch processing some images. I've recently finished a catalog with 700+ images and I'd like to create an index for future use.


      I would like to have an action which allows me to save a general purpose size image for e-mailing to customers as well as a thumbnail size image for photo invoices. This I could do normally by making two seperate actions for the two, but there is an issue with the categories of image types.


      Within the catalog the images are of products, and thus are related to a brand. I would like to index the images into a brand based folder, and then into seperate folders for thumbnails and general use.


      So essentially, the workflow would be something along the lines of


      Create New Folder for Brand/ Category

           Open Image

           Resize for General Use

           Save Image As... in Brand > General Use

           Resize for Thumbnail

           Save Image As... in Brand > Thumbnails



           Repeat for all images in category.


      Create New Folder for new Brand Category

           Open Image

      .... Etc etc.


      Also, is there a way to select a resizing of an image by it's longest/ shortest edge within an action/ droplet? I know Image Processor has this capability but it seems strange there is no ability within an action.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, suggestions for work arounds etc etc...