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    Web app item lists in secure zones

    mrgumbyman Level 1

      I have a single web app, and I'm trying to distribute secured web apps items across the different secure zones a customer may be logged into.


      For example, Customer A is a member of Secure Zone 1, which contains the secured web app items X, Y, Z

      Customer B is a member of Secure Zone 2, which contains the secured web app items U, V, W


      What I've discovered is that both customers can see all web app items (U V W X Y Z) in the list view layout, but clicking to view the detail of an item not in their secure zone will prompt them to log in.


      Is that correct? If I SECURE an item by putting it in a secure zone, I don't expect it to show up in a list for a customer that is not a member of that secure zone.

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          Webmosphere.co.uk Level 3

          Hi, Perhaps you could place the items in categories- that way, there will be no leakages.


          Also, remember to pre-select a category and hide the select form tag on the web app creation form.


          I hope this helps.


          Dave Black



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            Erick - BCGurus.com Level 2

            Your understanding of how BC works is correct.  Only the details page will respect your secure zone setting. 


            To achieve what you need, the page that holds the list of items would have to be secured in the proper zone, and you would need to fileter the list output by category, perhaps setup a category to mirror each of your secure zones.


            An extension to that which would allow you to have a single output page would be to ajax in the list view output, and pull that from the specific page based on the users secure zone.  You can get the names of the users secure zones using a builtin BC tag {module_subscriptions}