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    P2 AVC-Intra imports 4ch audio but only need 2ch

    jefbak Level 1

      Hi I am using a hpx-250 camera setup for avc-i 50 720P in Premiere CS5.5. It is my first time to import P2 into Premiere so I am trying just about everything to get Premiere to ignore Audio Channels 3&4 either on import from media browser or using the Modify/Audio Channels command or on the darn camera menu


      No luck with any of the methods. There are no options in the camera menu audio setup or audio switches to let me turn off ch3&ch4, I have it set to record of channel 1&2 to a single stereo mix. This worked great on my AVCHD footage that did not have a 3rd and 4th channel.


      Media browser does not offer any audio import options I can see.


      New Sequence setup allows be to create a stereo track (defaults to 4 mono tracks) but nothing else.


      Modify Audio Channels screen is blanked out and will not let me make any changes as far as I can tell, but this looks like the place to do it, if it would let me. Ugh!  Any other ideas I am not thinking about would be great. Thanks!





      Adobe CS5.5 MAC, OSX Lion

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          jefbak Level 1

          As an update I can say that I have had a good read of Audio Mapping and tried a number of combinations without any luck. P2 by default wants to bring in 4 mono channels. I have setup a preset to change that to a stereo channel instead. Channels 3 and 4 show up no matter what even though I am not using them. The modify file audio channel menu is grayed out.


          Under what circumstances is the Clip Modify/Audio Channel window NOT grayed out? I could fix this if I could access it.


          Does anyone using P2 know? Thanks!

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            SteveHoeg Adobe Employee

            Modifying the audio channels will be greyest out if the clip has been used. Make these changes before placing the clips in any sequence.

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              jefbak Level 1

              Thanks! wow that is so touchy for someone that has never had to mess with audio channels since using Adobe since 1999 (Me).

              If you place anything in the timeline at all, your done for, everything greyed out.

              I get it now, but wow that was hard to understand for a first time process.


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                keeppushing Level 1

                This seems really rough on the editing process.  For most editors, you edit the video first, and then color correct and master sound LATER.  Often times, I don't know which of the 2 or even 4 tracks I might use until I know if the clip works at all.


                A lot of the times, you'll try out different clips for hours/weeks/months before even touching the audio.  The ability to modify audio channels at any time would greatly improve the workflow for many people. 


                I'm trying to migrate from FCP but some things like this just seem silly.  I'm going back now on an 8 minute edit with hundreds of clips and I have right click each clip in my timeline, reveal in finder, recreate the in and out points (taking FOREVER), modify the audio channels from the project folder and then drag the clip into my timeline.  THEN I have to recreate any audio levels, effects, transitions, color grading mods, etc.


                Can we please have the option to modify audio channels in our sequence!?