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    ae cs5.5 distorted result?


      Hi guys im new to after effects video editing and i have few knowledge, only few.



      I have created a video and found a problem im not sure what its called so i just made a screenshot.



      how do i properly address the error so i can ask on other forums and get answer too?



      Pls if you have time watch the actual video.



      i noticed that the problem occurs on these time frames.



      0:40 - 42

      1:24 - 1:25

      2:15 - 2:16

      3:49 - 3:50

      4:18 - 4:19



      so most likely the error occurs every 80+ secs up.



      My pc setup:

      Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1

      Intel i7 950 Quad Core

      Corsair Professional Series™ Gold AX1200

      GTX 680 jetstream 4gb

      120gb ssd OCZ Vertex 3 for my os and apps

      1tb HDD for my documents

      12GB Gskill Ripjaws f3-12800cl9t-12gbrl Ram



      Heres a little history, i have this problem too when i have the gtx 580 direct cuii and when i upgraded to phantom gtx580 3gb its still there when i downgraded to geforce 210 the problem is still there and now i have jetstream gtx 680.



      I am pretty sure i have all the latest drivers, even BIOS, got the drivers from their official sites.



      Also when i render the video on premier pro the problem is the same but on windows movie maker no problem at all.



      I am thinking that it might be my RAM or something because my motherboard is just 2 months old.



      If its SSD its 5 months old. So guys pls need help.

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          This looks like some kind of file corruption issue.  First, make sure you aren't using OpenGL in any way. 


          If that doesn't fix it, copy your source footage to an external drive and try re-rendering to that external drive also, to eliminate the SSD from your workflow.


          If that doesn't fix it, try swapping out your RAM.