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    SWFLoader not loading




      I'm trying to load a swf file into my flex mobile application with a swfloader however whenever I run the app the only thing that appears is a little square file icon. I've actually tried this with two swf files, both built in Flash CS Professionall but one in AS2 and one in AS3 and I get the same problem. I've tried setting autoLoad to true and it doesnt help. Also the complete event never runs, I'm assuming this is a result of the issue. Here is how I tried to make a SWFLoaders for both cases of which swf to load.


      <s:SWFLoader id="mySWFLoader" bottom="10" left="10" source="/_flash/ffTalkSimpleSwf.swf" complete="setSwfMc()" />


      <s:SWFLoader id="loader" width="75%" height="75%"

                                               source="/Module tester/ITPM2/common/shell1/controller.swf" autoLoad="true" creationComplete="done()"/>



      I've tried embeding the source and it works for the second swf, however I don't want the source embeded because that swf needs to communicate with other files because it is the controller file of another application which I am trying to load.