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    CS6: new buttons in forms, some problems

    camilo umaña Level 1

      For example, the new Clear Field button, a novelty in Indesign CS6, deletes the fields in all the pages of the document (a PDF)

      If you are in page 5 and use this button all fields comprising pages from 1 to 4 are deleted.


      How to avoid this?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          The new forum action in InDesign CS6 you're talking about is not "Clear Field," it's Clear Form. It just invokes an Acrobat action which before you had to create in Acrobat: It doesn't delete fields. It clears any information you may have entered into the fields.


          Here's what it looks like in InDesign CS6, when I give a Reset button the Clear Form action:



          Here's what it looks like when I open it in Acrobat X Pro:



          So if I start entering data into the fields, then want to clear those fields, I click on the Reset button, which resets the form. No fields are deleted.

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            camilo umaña Level 1

            Steve, thank you. Reset is the term to clear information in the fields, not delete.


            But the thread remains intact: Adobe team introduced this button with an invasive function: reset the form in all pages...

            If somebody wants to clear some information to write it again (but want to preserve other fields already filled) the whole document will be erased.


            It seems as Adobe considers a form is only a page?


            It is possible to add a button with a different script (clear fields page by page...) in Indesign or it has to be done in Acrobat?