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    Background Audio not Working

      I recently purchassed the Captivate program. Initially I was able to include a background audio file to a project and see the time line of the recording and edit same. I found some other features of Captivate were not working and did a latest updates download. Since then, I cannot get the background audio file feature to work. The Audio \ Background \ Preferences box appears, I select audio from my mp3 library, press Select and the selected audio file does not appear in the selections drop down window. I then select from audio library again and still it does not appear BUT if I cancel from the box and come back in the Select Audio from Library, the mp3 file is in the listing. I now select the file and say OK. This exits back to the main window BUT the background audio timeline is not present. Even if I play the slides, no background audio is present. No matter what settings I change, I cannot get it to work.
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          Hi there Aussie Bloke

          The problem is actually that you guys can't play decent rugby (says me, the South African bloke and avid Sharks supporter) and we can't field a decent cricket team.

          In all seriousness mate, when you open your Audio/Background Audio/Preferences dialogue are using "Import" to pull the mp3 to your library?? Reason I ask is that Captivate loves to do a little "auto" manipulation before it wants to use the sound clip, so this could be where your problem lies.

          Check it out and shout back (even if it is just with a snide comment about national sporting prestige)